Indonesian Film Board

Indonesian Film Board (Badan Perfilman Indonesia/BPI) is the manifestation of the Article 67 of Law number 33/2009 on cinema stating that “the community can participate in the cinema organization”. BPI was created to increase the community involvement in cinema (Article 68).

BPI defines film as “artwork containing ideas or ideas in the form of moving pictures”.

BPI prioritises films that provide aesthetic statements and experiences, and have educational, entertainment and/or socio-cultural functions.

Cinema includes “all elements related to production process, distribution, exhibition, appreciation, education and film archiving”.

Indonesian films are “movies that are made by or using Indonesian resources whose Intellectual Property Right is owned either entirely or partly by Indonesian citizen or Indonesian legal entity.

Film festival is defined as “film celebration activities in the forms of movie screening programs including other activities aiming to increase the appreciation on films and/or cinema development concentrated in specific location/area/region”.

This appreciation includes:

  • Competition
  • Award
  • Discussion
  • Etc.

The cinema development includes:

  • Movie market
  • Film financing
  • Etc.

Film awarding is “recognition of achievement in the field of cinema.”

BPI Task

BPI’s tasks and functions are:
  • Organising film festival inside the country;
  • Participating in foreign film festivals;
  • Organising Indonesia film week in foreign countries;
  • Promoting Indonesia as film location shooting to foreign filmmakers;
  • Giving inputs to improve Indonesian cinema;
  • Conducting researches and development on Indonesian cinema;
  • Giving appreciations;
  • Facilitating the financing of certain selected high quality movies.


Realisation of a competitive, just and beneficial Indonesian film industry for the society.


Implementing the mandate of the Law number 33/2009 on cinema and BPI’s Articles of Association.