BPI BOARD 2017 - 2020

Chand Parwez Servia Ketua umum Email: chandparwez@bpi.or.id
Chand Parwez Servia, entrepreneur, film producer and a production house owner, PT. Kharisma Starvision Plus, started his carrier in cinema at a very young age. He helped his brother to run a cinema in their home town, Tasikmalaya. In 1987, he founded Bandung Film Festival and in 1989, Chand produced his first feature film, Si Kabayan Saba Kota, which became the most successful movie of the year and awarded as Best Comedy Film at Indonesian Film Festival 1990. From 2004 until 2007, he served as the Head of Indonesian Film Companies Union (Persatuan Perusahaan Film Indonesia/PFFI). In 2015, Chand Parwez became the co-founder and the Head of Indonesian Film Companies Association (Asosiasi Perusahaan Film Indonesia/APFI).
Dewi Umaya Deputy chairman Email: dewiumaya@bpi.or.id
Has been working in film industry since 1992, Dewi Umaya Rachman started to focus on being film producer in 2008 when with her team in Pic[k] Lock Films, she produced Sunday Morning in Victoria Park, followed after with her two other feature films: Rayya, Cahaya di Atas Cahaya (2012) and Guru Bangsa Tjokroaminoto (2015). While handling several films that are still under development, such as Pacar Merah (working title), The Cat and The Fish (working title) and Kejar 30 (working title), Dewi Umaya Rachman actively works on her new role as the Deputy Chairman of BPI as well as keeps doing her culinary adventure and watching Hayao Miyasaki’s movies.
Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu Head of Appreciation, literacy and archive Email: adrianjonathan@bpi.or.id
Co-founder of Cinema Poetica—a collective of film critics, journalists, researchers, and activists in Indonesia that focuses on the production and distribution of cinema knowledge for the public. From 2007 to 2010, Adrian worked as the program manager of Kinoki, an alternative screening space in Yogyakarta. Adrian has also participated in filmindonesia.or.id as editorial staff, Festival Film Solo as curator, and Berlinale Talent Campus 2013 as film critic. Currently Adrian writes and researches regularly about Indonesian cinema, also organizes film criticism workshops in various cities.
Alex Sihar Head of Policy advocacy Email: alexsihar@bpi.or.id
Alex Sihar is founder and Director of Konfiden Foundation (Yayasan Konfiden). Since 2010, he has been serving as the chairman of the Film Committee as a member of the Jakarta Arts Council (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta). In 2012, through Yayasan Konfiden, he participated in the restoration of the classic Indonesian film by Usmar Ismail titled Lewat Djam Malam, in cooperation with the National Museum of Singapore.
Agung Sentausa Head of Film financing facilitation Email: agungsentausa@bpi.or.id
An animal lover and architecture graduate who jumped into movie industry in 1999. Throughout 17 years career in the industry, he has been engaged in feature film productions, music video clips, commercials, documentaries, film-making workshops, and has worked with Indonesia's large and leading companies, the upper class musicians, international enterprises, and world-class national organisations. His feature film debut, Garasi was screened in many International-world class film festivals. Road to Ied, a story for movie, written by himself, won the by-invitation pitching; bought and planned to be produced by 21st Century Fox.
Dimas Jayasrana Head of International festival and foreign diplomacy Email: dimasjayasrana@bpi.or.id
Worked at ruangrupa as head of research and documentation in 2004 then became Deputy Cultural Attache at the French Institute in Indonesia - France embassy in Indonesia for 4 years (2012 - 2015) and Content Manager at Viddsee.com for 1 year (2015 - 2016). Experienced in managing art & culture projects including managing stage performance, producing film, come along with his involvement in the film community network in Indonesia. Since 2007 actively assist CLC Purbalingga to manage Purbalingga Film Festival. Established PT. Selasar Kebudayaan Nusantara which focus on arts and culture of Indonesia with 2 main products; Spektakel.id, an online directory of Indonesian arts and cultural activities as well as Plesir! (www.plesir.spektakel.id) - tour services based on Indonesian art & culture.
Gunawan Paggaru Head of Organisation and networks Email: gunawanpaggaru@bpi.or.id
Mostly known as scriptwriter, in 1984 Gunawan Paggaru joined Kerja Film Teater Populer. Teguh Karya then entrusted the editing work to him. In 1990, he founded a production house, Kino Lima, and produced a feature film Potret which got 13 nominations at Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) 1993. His first documentary film, Pacu Jalur, was nominated at IFF 1992. Gunawan was nominated as Best Poster Designer at IFF 1993 as well as Best Editor at IFF 1998. He had directed 4 feature films so far which are ISSUE, Syahdat Cinta, Mata Pena Mata Hari Raja Ali Haji and Danum Penjaga Mata Air. He is currently working as the Head of Indonesian Film Employees Organization (KFT).
H RM. Bagiono Head of Protection and mediation Email: rmbagiono@bpi.or.id
HRM. Bagiono is known as soap opera and advertisement actor as well as Hallo Dangdut presenter. He was graduated successively from Faculty of Law of Pancasila University, University of Indonesia and Padjadjaran University. He currently works as lawyer at his HRM Law Firm. He entered politics from 2005 until 2007 as the Deputy of General Secretary of KNPI DKI Jakarta. In 2007, he was designated as the Deputy Chief of DPD Partai Hanura DKI Jakarta and in 2013 as the Head of Gema Prabowo DKI Jakarta. His journey in cinema began in 2010 when he founded a production house, Kreatif 7. In 2013, he was inaugurated as the General Secretary of PAFINDO (Indonesian Actors Association) and in 2015 as the head of the association. In the same year, he founded another production house, PT. Multi Cahaya Dimensi.
Leni Lolang Head of National festival and awards Email: lenilolang@bpi.or.id
Leni Lolang is a graduate of Film Faculty of Jakarta Arts Institut (Institut Kesenian Jakarta/IKJ). As an experienced producer and executive producer, she has made dozens of documentaries, shorts and advertisements. The feature films she has produced are Jagad Kali Code, Ai Lop Yu Pull and Laura & Marsha. She is active as the President of FILARTC and member of jury of Indonesian Film Festival, Short Film Festival XXI and Piala Maya. She is currently a member of Film and Television Faculty Alumni Council of IKJ (IKAFI) and the Head of IKJ Alumni Association (INI IKJ).
Lalu Roisamri Head of Location promotion Email: laluroisamri@bpi.or.id
Lalu Rois Amri studied at Gadjah Mada University majoring in TV Journalism (1995-1998) before continuing his Film Studies at Jakarta Institute of the Arts (1998-2000). Since its 1st edition, he joint Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest) in 1999 as Cinema Coordinator until 2011 as Co-Director. He had film festival management residency in Rotterdam Film Festival (2001) and New York Film Festival (2006). Between 2011 until now he actively involved assisting government in promoting Indonesian films and shooting locations in international market among others: Berlin Film Festival (2011), AFCI Locations Trade Show Los Angeles (2012-2013) and Cannes Film Festival (2012-2014, 2017).
Tito Imanda Head of Research and development Email: titoimanda@bpi.or.id
Tito Imanda is an anthropologist and filmmaker. His master thesis from the Department of Media, Culture and Communication in New York University (2007), is about the political economy of the Indonesian film industry. In 2008-2013 he developed and managed a film school at a university in Jakarta. These days he is mostly in Yogyakarta and London, doing fieldwork for his PhD program at the Department of Media and Communication, Goldsmiths, University of London, with thesis topic: collaborative filmmaking with a wayang orang group from the foot of Mount Merapi, to reconsider the adaptation process from stage to screen, that happened in many places at the early cinema era.
Tya Subiakto Head of Information and communication Email: tyasubiakto@bpi.or.id
Tya Sulestyawati Subiakto is one of female music arrangers engaged in cinema this last 10 years. Sang Dewi is her first step entering the field. She has done the musical arrangement for almost 60 films. She is now the Head of Indonesian Motion Pictures Association (IMPAct) that houses Indonesian sound recordists, sound engineers and movie music arrangers.
Celerina Judisari Funding System Email: celerina@bpi.or.id
As a graduated accountant from Bandung Parahyangan Catholic University and with her Master in Marketing at Prasetya Mulya University, Celerina has a holistic knowledge in various domains. Since 18 years ago, she works in the media and business development field. Her interest in content creation for multi-platform consumption has brought her to Mahaka Picture, the producer of Apa Itu Islam? (short), ? (Tanda Tanya), 2014 (Siapa di Atas Presiden) and Turis Romantis; and the co-producer of Soekarno and Perahu Kertas. Celerina has found then Mahaka Global Media, an international production company of multi-platform content. In partnership with Japanese consortium, it has created various visual contents and programs.