Funding System

Head of Sector: Celerina Judisari

This department is tasked to manage organization financial, including finance distribution for each board's program.

Location promotion

Head of Sector: Lalu Roisamri

This department task is to stimulate districts and cities potentials to be film location shooting, to initiate the creation of Film Commission in the districts and cities as well as to help the rearrangement of the One Stop Integrated Service (Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu/PTPSP) to facilitate foreign film production in the area.

Research & development

Head of Sector: Tito Imanda

This department seeks to recognize the strength of Indonesian movies by conducting studies on local contents and by maximizing local potential engagement to discover the characteristics of Indonesian movies. Also, to map out new ways of enjoying (and producing) movies by analyzing new medium forms to reach new markets of Indonesian movies.

Protection and mediation

Head of Sector: H. RM. Bagiono

This department is responsible for ensuring legal certainty and creating harmony in national cinema environment by providing information, protection of Intellectual Property Right and mediation in case of any disputes.

Organization and networks

Head of Sector: Gunawan Paggaru

The main tasks and functions of this department are to empower BPI’s stakeholders through member coaching program and facilitate their relationship with professional certification bodies.

Information and communication

Head of Sector: Tya Subiakto

Maintaining positive perceptions of Indonesian cinema as well as encouraging public knowledge about BPI and its programs through the creation of Indonesian Film Information Center. Integrating all existing film data base on a regular basis and performing data analysis for BPI’s stakeholders. 

National festival and awards

Head of Sector: Leni Lolang

Celebrating and promoting Indonesian cinema by building a sustainable festival infrastructure and national awards through the creation of independent institutions in charge of organizing film festivals and coordinating between film festivals in Indonesia.

International festival and foreign diplomacy

Head of Sector: Dimas Jayasrana

This department manages the involvement of Indonesian movies and filmmakers in foreign film festivals for various cinema purposes. It builds and manages international networking as well as expands Indonesian cultural diplomacy in the context of cinema.

Film financing facilitation

Head of Sector: Agung Sentausa

This department is responsible for establishing and managing film financing system for certain selected high quality movies measured from various aspects and interests.

Appreciation, literacy and archive

Head of Sector: Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu

This department manages knowledge production and distribution for educational purposes and film literacy advocacy for general public and filmmakers, manifested through various programs such as workshop on film criticism, discussion, archiving, preparation and publication of film literature, etc.

Policy advocacy

Head of Sector: Alex Sihar

Encouraging the state legislature and executive in creating policies and improvement related to cinema to develop a healthy cinema ecosystem.