BPI and SAAVA form strategic alliance to create inter-regional creative producing and media investment network

December 01, 2017
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Two of Southeast Asia’s leading content producers’ associations, the Indonesian Film Board, or Badan Perfilman Indonesia (BPI) and the Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on November 30th at ScreenSingapore 2017.

BPI represents and serves the growing Indonesian community of feature film producers through the organization and participation of film events within and outside of the country, researching the industry, developing the appreciation of Indonesian cinema, and facilitating the financing of high-quality films. 

SAAVA is a regional non-profit creative producing network that aims to unite media producers and financiers in the region. The association advances creative development and media investment across the region through training, promoting Southeast Asian content and capabilities internationally, and stimulating business collaborations between its members. The organization are key partners in the largest media events and platforms in Southeast Asia.

Through this alliance, BPI and SAAVA will jointly promote the filmed entertainment, digital content and media production industries in Indonesia and around Southeast Asia.  Some objectives include:

  1. Promote more co-productions between Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This will be done through active participation in each other’s platforms, as well as the creation of new physical and online platforms to allow interested collaborators to exchange ideas, share information and discuss collaborations. Both organizations will also collect information on co-production case studies to create learning points and best practices.
  2. Develop the regional media finance industry by educating investors on sound media investment methodologies and proper structuring of film funds, while teaching producers about proper pitching, honest budgeting, and how to engage investors on the business side of the creative business. 
  3. Knowledge and Skills transfer between Indonesia and Southeast Asia, through greater participation and exchanges at events, and the sharing of data and information.
  4. Jointly develop and promote best practices across the region. Develop accreditation process for key personnel that can be applied and recognised across SE Asia, enabling easier collaboration across different countries in future. Develop workshops and master classes that can lift up filmmaking standards across the region, with educational accreditation that’s also widely recognised. 

It's a joyful moment for us to have this cooperation and collaboration. Indonesia and Singapore has a long history in cinema, as part of SEA golden triangle. This MoU is an important key for both country to utilize its potential and build a strong platform for next generation of Indonesian, Singaporean and SEA filmmaker,” said Mr. Chand Parwez, Chairman of BPI.

Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia, with a rich cultural history and a vibrant media industry. This collaboration will help expand and strengthen the network across the region, enabling filmmakers, financiers and distributors to share creative ideas and structure business deals with each other. We are excited to work closely with BPI to influence the future of the media industry in Southeast Asia,” said Mr. Chan Gin Kai, President of SAAVA.

The MoU was signed at the Southeast Asian Film Financing Forum (SAFF), a cornerstone event at the Asia Television Forum (ATF) and ScreenSingapore (SS) market, the annual conference and exhibition held on 29th November to 1st December 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. 

Run by SAAVA, the SAFF brings together leading industry executives from around the region and the world to network, train, and showcase the best feature film projects in development to key decision-makers in content financing, distribution, and top festivals through its SAFF Project Market, the prestigious Ties That Bind producing workshop, and the world-class SAFF Conference.

About SAAVA (

The Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA) is a non-profit network that seeks to unify the region’s media industry. The association’s mission is to advance creative development across the region, promote Southeast Asian media content and capabilities internationally, as well as stimulate business collaborations between its members. 

With a population of more than 640 million and a robust growing economy, the region provides tremendous opportunities for the media and entertainment industry. By strengthening regional alliances and partnerships between established producers, as well as encouraging and mentoring new media professionals, SAAVA aims to help its members ride on the growth of the region and succeed on international markets. Our members include producers, financiers, directors, distributors and exhibitors from the film, TV and digital media sectors.

SAAVA’s Programs & Initiatives:

Southeast Asian Film Financing Forum (SAFF)

The SAFF is an annual summit for feature film producers. Part of the Singapore Media Festival that is held at the end of every year, the forum brings together international producers and decision makers. 

SAAVA Creative Lab 

The Creative Lab identifies, incubates and internationalizes the best IPs from Southeast Asia through a partnership with private enterprises specializing in IP management across multiple platforms. 

SAAVA Academy

The Academy organizes and conducts workshops, masterclasses, and courses to lift up filmmaking standards and promote best practices, providing certification that is recognized around the region.

Media Investor Summit

The Media Investor Summit brings together key stakeholders in the industry; the investors, broadcasters, commissioners, representatives of government agencies and associations, to discuss the most pertinent issues that our sector faces today.